Join Our Community and Swap Real Solidarity With Real City Families

gathering of families under large trees in a city park

If you ask us what the Sidewalk Club is, here’s what we’ll say:

SWC is the hub for resources, real-world experiences, and life hacks for urban parents. We’re an online publication and community of parents who live in cities across the globe and love weekend adventures with our kids. We have a thing for good food, cultural experiences, live subway concerts, and public transit.

We created the Sidewalk Club almost two years ago to bring together and encourage city families in a way that’s focused, valuable, and real. As our readership and online community has grown, we’ve felt the pull to carve out a space for city families to connect with each other. Our #cityfamilysolidarity hashtag trails behind almost every social media post, but we think it can be more than just a hashtag. To make that a reality, we’re launching a community page to allow parents to swap solidarity in an even better way.

We’re calling it the Sidewalk Club Community, and we want you to join us in this new private network!

A Brooklyn city family on vacation in Miami. Photo by Chinwe Obinani via Instagram.

Here’s what members get:

  • Exclusive parent-inspired content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else about city life with kids.
  • Connections with other urban parents in your city and across the globe.
  • Real-life experiences from real parents to help you make better, more well-informed decisions about the things that are important to you. Think stroller recommendations from real parents, what age to let your kid ride the bus alone, and recommendations for how to visit another city like a local.
  • Stories, experiences, ideas, and encouragement around our shared mission: #cityfamilysolidarity.

It’s no secret that there are plenty of other platforms who are doing something very similar: creating an online space for connection with others around shared interests. But none of them (not Google, Winnie, Facebook Groups, Reddit, or Peanut) are creating a personal, real-world network of urban parents without ads, algorithms, or addictive designs. In our community, we hope to do just that.

This new member network doesn’t take the place of our other publications—we’ll still post articles and handbooks here, and you don’t need to be a member to get the most out of The Sidewalk Club. We’ll still post and interact on our existing social media networks, but when we want to go a little deeper, we’ll log in to the community and join discussions among real city parents across the globe.

What’s inside?

The private network is divided into two main sections, a global network and local groups. Sign up to join and you’ll be instantly added to the global network and can begin connecting with parents like you. You can opt-in to your local city group to contribute to discussions about what’s going on in your own city and plan mini meetups or play dates with local parents.

Scooter pals in Chicago. Photo by Will Chuang via Instagram.

Everything is free for now, but we’ll eventually charge a small subscription fee for access to the network. We created this community on a platform that’s has no ads or algorithms in sight, and we love that. If we were Facebook, we’d sell your attention to advertisers, but that’s just not our style.

There are plenty of things online that can take your attention away from what really matters. We’ve always tried to do our best to give value rather than be another distraction, and this member community is a continuation of that. We have a hunch the people who are willing to pay a small fee are the ones who will bring the most value to the group, and we want to keep up a high standard of quality.

Will you join us? This is the only global network for urban parents and we want you involved!

Sign up and get started by reading posts in the welcome section. Then invite your friends! Let’s make this a positive, welcoming network of parents who love raising kids in the city. 💙🏙