Make A Family Fun Things List and kiss boring afternoons goodbye

Fun things list hanging on fridge

Living near the city center means your family has access to events, museums, art galleries, shows, pop-ups, block parties, festivals, new restaurants, cultural centers, tourist attractions, concerts, parks, sport arenas, and the list could go on. It’s such a privilege to live so close to so many wonderful things!

Here’s a simple hack for sorting and planning everything your city has to offer: make your overflowing mental list into an actual list that can be taped to the front of the fridge.

There are no rules or limitations to what you can add to the list (it’s your list, after all). Make it budget-savvy or extravagant. Focus on food or exercise. Art events or playground crawls. You don’t have to get fancy; the idea is to get your wishes on paper so they seem more attainable. Let the whole family add ideas, display your list where everyone can see it, and start checking things off! We call it our Family Fun Things List, but I’m sure you can come up with a much sexier name.

The next time you have a free afternoon, check your list of things to do in your city, perfectly curated and personalized for your family.

If you make one and want to share, post a picture and tag it #familyfunthingslist. We’d love to see all the good things your city offers!