A Brand-New Handbook For Anyone Who’s Dreamed of Biking With Their Kids

Biking is a remarkable way to exercise, build memories, and get around your city, all while burning zero BTUs of energy, using no gasoline, and building a rich connection and sense of place to your city and neighborhood. But one Google search—how to bike with kids—opens a complex world of bike terminology and opinions that are tough to navigate. That’s where we come in.

The Handbook

We’re so excited to announce our newest handbook, this time about family biking! It’s an introduction for city parents who are interested or seriously considering biking with kids. Inside you’ll find an overview of bikes suitable for hauling your offspring and a guide to help you decide which one is best for your family. Throughout the handbook are nuggets of advice from bike shop owners and resources to connect you with families who have been biking for years.

Chicago girls and their bike, an Xtracycle 11i (long tail). Photo via @the_chitowers

We won’t lie, the biking world can be feel really daunting and inaccessible to newcomers. This handbook was designed to jump start your research about family bikes and help you decide which bike style or setup might be right for your family and your city.

Click through the table of contents in the handbook to learn about different styles of family bikes, from bike seats to bakfiets, without biases or cyclist jargon. Read our how-to guide for choosing the best bike for your family (and your city) with tips and advice from experts and bike shop owners. Browse lots of photos of families on bikes and notice the one thing they all have in common: smiles!

Interviews of families who bike

If you’re looking for real-world stories of families who bike with their kids, we have that too and it will give you a great idea of what a biking lifestyle looks and feels like. We interviewed six families from Manhattan to Santa Cruz about their experiences biking as a family. There may be some potholes and infrastructure issues to battle, but these families love biking and have a great time doing it. Read the interviews and decide for yourself—do families who bike have more fun?

Bakfiets and baseball

Join our biking group

If you really want to dig in even more, you can join our biking group in the Sidewalk Club Community to ask your specific questions and get helpful and encouraging responses from city families just like you.

You don’t have to bike with your kids to be a fantastic urban parent and raise kind, curious kids in the city. But if you’ve ever wanted to know a little more, you’ve come to the right place! Families just like you love biking. Maybe you’re next?