Introducing the SWC Rolodex!

I’ve always wanted an analog rolodex—the rotating kind. I imagine filling cards with names of people we’ve met over the years, places we recommend, and meetups we have attended. It would be a visual reminder of the connections our family has made; each new card another link in the web of relationships.

We created a digital rolodex for the Sidewalk Club to be just that! It’s a log of local resources, meetup groups, city clubs, event calendars, and other places for city families to meet. We’ve spent a few weeks searching the web, watching Instagram, and listening to how and where city families find each other. Our mental list has become a spreadsheet and that spreadsheet has become the official Sidewalk Club Rolodex!

See the Rolodex!

It’s an incomplete list, to be sure. We’re starting with almost fifty resources in eighteen cities across the US and Canada, and we have every intention of growing. The page will be regularly updated to add new meetups and groups as we discover them (email us with your favorites!).

We like to to think of each entry as a local chapter of the Sidewalk Club. Even though SWC is an online publication (for now), we’ll be the first to tell you that real-life friendships and connections are incredibly important. It’s our hope that this list of events and meetups will help connect you with other families in your city.