Magazine Subscriptions for the Kids and your Coffee Table

Is it just our kids who think getting the mail is one of the most exciting events of the day? They love unlocking the post box and pulling out whatever is inside, even if it’s just advertisements that go directly into the recycling bin. It’s even better when the mail carrier delivers something addressed to them, like a postcard from a friend or a new magazine subscription.

Even though the print industry has faltered in the digital age, magazines and periodicals are still a multi-billion dollar industry. Loyal readers of old classics still exist, and there are some fresh new independent ‘zines in the market that are incredibly well-received.

We love magazines. They’re lightweight enough to stuff into the stroller or backpack for on-the-go entertainment. They’re colorful and exciting and a subscription means there’s always a fresh new issue to pull out for long subway rides. They’re the perfect way to gift an experience rather than stuff and are easy to stuff in a stocking at Christmas or wrap up with a fresh supply of sidewalk chalk.

Here are a few of our favorite magazines for kids of all ages. We think you’ll love getting lost in one of these with your kids.

New & Indie Magazines

Dot and Anorak are siblings; both are produced by Studio Anorak four times a year and are printed on recycled paper using vegetable ink! Anorak is designed for kids age 6–12 and dot is aimed at pre-schoolers. Designed to inspire creativity, each issue is incredibly high-quality and can be “collected, kept, handed down and revisited.”

Illustoria is a print magazine for creative kids and their grownups [celebrating] visual storytelling, makers and DIY culture through stories, art, comics, interviews, crafts and activities.” Created with 6–12-year-olds in mind, you’ll both love paging through the mag.

Okido’s philosophy is simple but stunning: every child is a creative scientist. Their monthly arts and science magazine is for 3–7 year olds and each issue is 48 pages!

AQUILA Children’s Magazine is perfect for inquisitive kids! Each monthly issue features a topic like Rocket Science, Supervolcanoes, and Money Math. Made for kids age 8–12 but irresistible for the rest of the family too.

A Kickstarter success story, Bravery Mag is a quarterly publication featuring strong female role models. It’s stuffed with custom illustrated stories, educational activities, and hopes to empower kids to “dream, do, and become their own kind of brave.” I’ll get behind that!

Science & Animal Mags

The first issue of Ranger Rick was released in 1967 by the National Wildlife Federation, and the classic nature magazine is still going strong! It’s available for three different age groups: Ranger Rick Cub, age 0-4; Rick Jr., age 4-7; and Ranger Rick, 7 and up.

Zoobooks is the children’s resource for animals” and gives kids age 6-12 an up-close look at one animal each month. The magazine is filled with beautiful images and educational illustrations for each animal.

National Geographic Kids and Little Kids is what you’d expect, the beautiful children’s version of the grown-up magazine.

Whizz Pop Bang is an award-winning magazine packed with hands-on experiments, puzzles, and science news to help kids develop a love of science. Made in the UK and available to ship internationally!

Stories and more stories

Cricket Media offers three literary magazines that focus on stories, poems, folk tales, and beautiful illustrations on each page. I was a devoted fan of these magazines as a child and I’m so glad to see they’re still in print! Ladybug for ages 3-6, Spider for 6-9 year-olds, and Cricket for ages 9-14.

Stone Soup is a literary magazine more than 40 years old written and illustrated by children. The mission of the magazine (and website) is to inspire children to read, write and create their own art. Each month brings a new issue filled with poetry, art, photography, and reviews by kids and for kids. Your budding writer will love it.

Highlights for Children publishes two magazines full of “fun with a purpose” – stories, puzzles, recipes, and their famous Hidden Pictures puzzles. High Five is perfect for ages 2-6 and Highlights is the older sibling for ages 6-12

The thing that’s so great about these magazines is most of them look nice on your coffee table and while they’re created with kids in mind, grown-ups like them too. I mean, sometimes I keep flipping through when the kids are done! Grab a subscription to one of these magazines and share it together on the subway, at the bus stop, in the airport, on the park bench, and anywhere else you have a few minutes to spare. 🚏🚇🚌📕