Why we love the city

I posed the question a few weeks ago on Instagram: what do you love about city life as a family? Responses trickled in from real families across the US (even across the globe!) and I found myself nodding along in agreement. City life isn’t for everyone, but there is a growing number of us who find ourselves making our home in a metropolis and loving it!

More than anything, we want the Sidewalk Club to grow into a community of families surviving and thriving in their urban environment. We want to be a source of inspiration and motivation and collaboration — for you to come away with a renewed sense of the city’s beauty and a feeling of solidarity with other families who are living the same lifestyle you are.

Here’s why some of our Sidewalk families love the city:

“We love having so many things at our fingertips. Museums, aquariums, parks, etc.” @tinambells, Toronto, Ontario

“My favorite thing about the city is the people: we just step outside and watch fire trucks, construction workers, people riding unicycles, selling churros, speaking multiple languages. Every book we read at home comes to life in the city!” @jana.pearl, Brooklyn, NY

“The city draws you out with its many opportunities. You spend less time in front of the TV and more time out exploring and creating memories with your family.” @h2hlove, Wyandotte, MI

“So many outdoor activities are at our doorstep! No need to start up the car.” @themainhaus, Vancouver, BC

“The trains! DFW is a pretty sprawling metroplex. The trains make it easy-breezy to just grab the stroller and go to the aquarium in Dallas, the zoo in Fort Worth, or anywhere in between.” @justjenilee, Dallas

“Walking everywhere. It means we really get to know the local faces of our neighbourhood.” @rachelknife, Brisbane

“We love all the events that happen so close to us! And if we walk or hop on our bikes, we never have to worry about parking!” @skalfonzo, Kelowna BC

“Getting to live amongst so many different kinds of people! 💕” @katelynelan, Chicago

“Diversity! 💞” @laisbowman, Chicago

“Diversity.” @mecohdixon, Calgary, Alberta

“Being able run all errands on foot and still be able to grab a coffee on the way! 😊” @chicitymom, Chicago

Living in the city means we have such a short commute to work (just a few minutes walk), so we have more time together as a family. @weetalkers

“Walking everywhere for errands, stopping at parks on the way and DOING IT WITH YOUR CITY LIVING FRIENDS!” @kirsive, Vancouver

Living in an apartment mean we can lock up and leave… so weekends can be spent exploring instead of cleaning! @woolstoreliving, Brisbane

“The opportunities to walk to everything or hop public transit. The ability to see other people different from our family by race, religion, sexual orientation and income level. The cultural experiences at museums, plays or sports that come to the city.” @mywildbliss, Chicago

We’ll be the first to admit that city life isn’t always a magnificent adventure. But these are the perks that make it worthwhile. Living as urban families means we’re surrounded by color and diversity, and immersed in the sights, sounds, and people of the city. It really is a good life, no matter how small the apartment might be!