City in a Box

From your friends at The Sidewalk Club

Stuck at home doesn’t have to be ho-hum.

Celebrate Beijing’s culture with snacks, activities, decorations, and video resources your kids are sure to love.

Introducing the Beijing Box

Unable to leave the house for your typical daily adventures through the city?
City In A Box is your portal to another place!


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What’s in your box?

Each box is packed with hand-picked activities, games, books, and snacks that celebrate the culture and experiences of a different city.

Let your kids get lost in the culture of Beijing while you join in (or catch a break in the other room). Boxes comes with access to a multimedia page packed with curated videos, music, photos, and recipes perfect for kids.

More stuff inside:

Meal suggestions
Popular snacks
A music playlist
Games for the whole family
A beautiful picture book
Crafts and activities

The Nitty Gritty

Each City in a Box will provide approximately 3 days of hands-on activities, plus a new picture book and game to add to your shelves.

Boxes are perfect for kids age 4–13. Each resource page provides modifications for younger and older kids to get the most out of the included activities and crafts.

Some activities require adult supervision, but most can be self-guided with the accompanying videos and activity guide.

Included games are family friendly—score some major parent points by joining in! We promise they’re not boring.

We’ve got a limited number of boxes and are shipping as orders arrive! Shipping is free. You’re welcome.

Grab your city in a box and take an adventure right at home!


Free Shipping – U.S. Only