Quarantine Rainbows

We might be stuck inside, but we can still share love and light from our windows in the form of rainbows! 🌈

Inspired by the children of Spain and Italy posting artwork in their windows for neighbors outside to see, the movement has caught on in Brooklyn in the form of rainbow windows and is spreading throughout the US! It’s a brilliant and simple way to spread hope to your neighbors, feel connected with humanity as we fight the spread of coronavirus together, and communicate the message that everything will be ok. This won’t last forever.

Rainbow windows in Brooklyn. Pic by @thisismm

See The Map 🌈

Add Your Window to The Map 📍

Join the trend that’s spreading across the globe! Draw a rainbow on paper with your kids and tape it on the window facing the street. Or use washable paint to make a burst of color directly on the glass. Take a picture and and post on social media if that’s your thing. Hashtags reminding us that it will be ok are popping up in various languages: todo saldrá bien. Ça va bien aller. Andrà tutto bene.

There’s even a map started by Brooklyn parents Anna Grotzky and Marisa Migdal where you can track quarantine rainbows in your city. Add your address to the map using this spreadsheet and hunt for rainbows on your next family walk around the neighborhood.

We really are in this together. We’re postponing dinner dates and playdates and hugs and concerts all in the name of fighting an invisible enemy that threatens our health and our spirits. Put a rainbow on your window as a bright reminder to your neighbors and yourselves: we’re in this together; it will be ok. 🌈

We’re reposting as many rainbows as we can on Instagram. Follow along!